Stand Alone Application

In Stand Alone Application we will take .exe file or setup file and install in the mobile or computer only one person can use the software and to use this software server is not required and internet is not required. These kind of application are called as Stand Alone Application. Eg: Calculator, Paint, Galery , Offline Game, Notepad, SQL, Java, actitime, Photoshop, Operating System, Shareit, and Browser etc.

How Stand Alone Application will be Configured and Tested

Stand Alone Application
According to above picture once after the build is ready development lead will send a mail to test lead stating that build is ready for testing.

Test lead will inform to all the test engineer ask them to install the build into their computer assign the features and test lead will ask test engineer to start the testing.

Every test engineer from their computer connect to development server copy paste build into their computer install the build and start doing functional testing, integration testing and system testing for stand alone application.

If we observe here server is not required and internet is not required to test stand alone application .

Stand alone software runs on 1 tier architecture.
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