Software Testing

Software Testing

What is Software Testing ?

The process of  verifying/Testing the functionality or behaviour of an application against  customer requirement specification is called Software Testing.

How many types of Software Testing is there ?

There are two types of software testing..

1. Manual Testing
2. Automation Testing

Manual Testing

Test the software or application repeatedly or again and again to find the defect in the software according to the customer  requirement is called as Manual Testing.


1. Good Software Quality.
2. Programming Knowledge is not required.
3. Manual Testing tests from human perspective.
4. Exploratory Testing can be done manually.
5. Manual Testing helps us understand the complete problem.


1. It takes lot of time to test the application.
2. Here we use lot of resources.
3. Here we test same thing again and again (Monotonous Job).
4. There will be no consistency.

Automation Testing

Test Engineer will write the code/program in a tool called Selenium/QTP/Appium and run the program against application or software where in program will automatically test the application and give the result as pass or fail. This is called Automation Testing.


1. Test reports its own results, needs no human interpretation.
2. Test can be run many  times in a row without human intervention.
3. Test produces same result now and forever.
4. Tests run in a reasonable amount of time.


1. Required to write the automation test scripts.
2. Debugging the test  script is major issue. If any error is present in the test script sometime it may lead to deadly consequences.
3. Test maintenance is costly in case of playback method.
4. Maintaining the test data files is difficult, if the test script tests more screens.

Some Automation Tool available in the market

1. Selenium
2. QTP(Quick Test Professional)
3. Sahi
4. Test Complete 
5. OATS(Oracle Application Test Suite)
6. Silk Test
7. Appium
8. Soapui