Patch is a piece of code/software which consist of modified programs. To install the patch it's not required to uninstall the build.

Real Time example for patch

Antivirus updates, whatsapp updates, facebook updates, google updates etc.



Customer will give requirement then as per the requirement developer will develop the build. As per the above picture test lead will connect to development server and copy paste the build to testing server then unzip the build and install the build and assign the tasks to test engineers.

Test engineers will start testing the software while testing he finds a defect that a text box is accepting 11 alphabet but it should accept only 10 it is a small defect.

Test engineer will communicate defect to developer or development lead, he will look in to the code and try to find the defect he find out that only piece of code problem then he will fix the piece of code and send piece of code or patch to test lead.

Test lead will install the piece of code or patch into the testing server then test engineer will test the patch first then continue testing for other features.

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