What is usability testing?

Testing the user friendliness of an application is known as usability testing. Frequently used application feature can be accessible in one or two click.

what is usability testing?

Based on what we can tell application is user friendliness or not?

1. Simple to Understand
2. Navigation should be simple
3. Simple language based
4. Proper error message should be displayed when user does any mistake
5. Proper tool tip should be given for some of the image
6. Look an feel of the application should be good
7. Easy to access
8. Proper help text message should be displayed

How to do Usability Testing?

1. All the frequently used feature should be present in left or top navigation bar.
2. All the frequently used feature should be accessible in 1 or 2 click.
3. All the test field, button and other component should be developed.
4. When user navigate to 2nd or 3rd or 4th page of application then user should be able to go back to his first page with a single click.
5. Back button should be there for every application and user should not be forced to use browser back button or mobile back button.

What is Comparison Testing?

Here we will compare newly built application with similar kind of competitor application which is already released in the market and check for the advantage and disadvantage, strength and weakness and we will make sure all the feature in newly build application will be included this is called comparison testing. Eg: Ola, Uber.

What do you mean by yellow box testing?

Testing the warning message in an application is called as yellow box testing.

What is Migration Testing?

When the software or application is migrated from one technology to another technology or from one database to another database then we will do migration testing. Where in we will test newly build software for old customer data and make sure that it is working properly for all end to end scenario for existing customer and also for new customer. As a part of migration testing we will do functional testing, integration testing, system testing etc for newly build software.

When you go for Migration Testing?

1. When technology is old.
2. If project is very big and if we are facing perform once problem then we go for migration.
3. If software is complex and not able to add any new feature then we will go for migration.
4. Since the platform is old and if we are facing security related issue then we will go for migration.
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