Hot Fix, Short Release and FishBone Technique

Hot Fix

A hotfix is a small piece of code or software update which is developed to fix a bug or security hole in a program. Hot fixes are urgently developed and released to production server as soon as possible to reduce the effects of the software problem. They are often released in between version updates.

You may receive hotfix notification by your email or any alert in the program itself. It can be named as 'Critical update' or 'Blocker update' or 'Security update'. You can update the software by clicking update in the program for some software but for some software you need to download the hotfix package and run the hotfix package as an executable file.

Hot Fix, Short Release and FishBone Technique

In the production server while using software if customer finds blocker/critical defect then customer will immediately communicate defect to company in the company developer will immediately fix the defect and test engineer will immediately  test the defect and patch will be given to production server. This process is called hot fix or incident management.

To work on the hot fix max we will be having 1 0r 2 hrs worst case 1 day time. Hot fix will be done by the developer and test engineer from core team who is technically very strong.

Short Release

Hot Fix, Short Release and FishBone Technique

In the production server while using software if customer wants to do minor changes and customer finds minor defects then customer will communicate minor changes and minor defects to the company.

In the company they will pick set of developer and test engineer, developer will write the code for minor changes and fix minor defects and test engineer will test the minor changes and minor defects and software will be given to customer and customer will do acceptance testing and later software will be deploy into the production server this entire process will be done within 15 days or 1 month instead of taking one year time this entire process is called short release.

Fish Bone Technique

Hot Fix, Short Release and FishBone Technique

While testing software if test engineer find any defect he will communicate to developer all developer will sit together and try to identify root cause of the defect, document the root cause keep it in common folder and present the document to entire team. This process is called fish bone technique.

Fishbone diagram is called fishbone because it almost looks like fish back bone. Fishbone is also known as cause effect diagram. Fishbone technique is invented by ishikawa that's why fishbone diagram is also known as the ishikawa diagram.

Fishbone diagram is useful for quality control, we can also discover the root causes which 
brings problems into the existence, one more use of the fishbone diagram is to find out 
the weakness and loop hole present in the process.

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