Waterfall model-Requirement Collection

Waterfall Model


           It is a step by step procedure or standard procedure to develop a new software. It is also called Basic model/Treditional model/Sequential model.

Waterfall model-Requirement Collection

Requirement Collection

  1.  Requirement Collection is procedure to collect the requirement from customer.
  2. Business Analyst(BA) will do the requirement  collection.
  3. First BA will go to customers place and collect the requirement in Business language and come back to company and convert business language into software language and explain it to Developer, Test Engineer, Project Manager, Architect etc.

Business Language

Business Language is nothing but normal language like how we talk. For Ex:- Suppose what's app is customer then BA will go to what's app and ask for requirement then he will explain the requirement like  i want  chats, status, calls etc.

Software Language

This is a technical language which can be understand by only Technical  persons like Developers and Test Engineers. It involves Text Field, check box, button , radio button, page, dropdown box etc.

Conversion from business language to Software language

For Eg:- 

Gmail Requirement

  1. When you enter the url www.gmail.com welcome page should be displayed.
  2. When you click on sign in button sign in page should be displayed.
  3. When you click on Create an account then Create your google account page should be displayed etc..

Welcome Page

Waterfall model-Requirement Collection

Sign in Page

Waterfall model-Requirement Collection

Create an account Page

Waterfall model-Requirement Collection

Who can become Business Analyst?

  1. Domain Expert- A person who is having 15-20 years of work experience in the same domain and very good knowledge on the same domain.
  2. Senior Developer or Senior Test Engineer who is having 8-10 years of work experience on the same type of project can also become Business Analyst.
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