The process of getting new build within test cycle is called as Re-Spin. It is an unplanned build.


As you can see in the above picture customer gives requirement, for example flipkart application. He gives requirement for login page developers develop the page and give it to test engineer as build

Test engineer test the build and find the defect (Blocker), then test engineer will communicate defect to developer or development lead. Developer will fix the defect and give a new build .

This new build is called as Re-Spin. Test Engineer will again start testing the new build if there is no defect then he will continue testing.

For an example: 

If you take facebook as an application if login feature itself is not working then Test Engineer will not continue  the testing in this case developer should give Re-Spin.

Assume that if 1 test cycle limit is 5 days and developer will give the build on the 4th day of the test cycle as test engineer what will you do.

  1. I will test as much as possible for two days and remaining portion I will test in the next upcoming build.
  2. I will postpone the build to the next cycle. I will spent this 2 days time in understanding requirement, identifies scenarios, write test cases for the scenarios.

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