Client-Server Application

In client-server application there will be two software that is client software and server software by using the client software we can interact with server software these kinds of applications are called Client-Server Application. Eg:- Whatsapp , facebook app, messenger app, instagram app, ola app, google pay app and flipkart app etc...

How Client-Server application will be Configured and Tested

Client-Server Application

According to above picture customer will give requirement of whatsapp server software and client software.

Development lead will assign the features to developers then developers will write the code for both server software and client software then do white box testing and then compile the code compress the code and prepare two builds and store the build in development server in the below mentioned path.
D:/Build/ B01whatsappserver.tar

These path will not be same always i have mentioned these path for your reference.
Development lead will send a mail to test lead stating that 2 builds are ready for testing and white box testing is completed.

Test lead will first configure the testing server by installing the operating system and database server into the testing server then test lead will connect to development server and copy paste both server build and client build in the testing server and install server software into testing server and inform all the test engineers to download client software into their mobile and test lead will assign features to test engineers.

Test engineer will install client software into mobile register and start to test server software by using client software where in test engineer will do functional testing, integration testing, system testing and performance testing for Client-Server Application.

While doing any of this testing if test engineer find any defect he will communicate to developers developers will fix the defect and store 2 new build into development server. Test lead will again connect to development server and copy paste build into testing server then uninstall old server build install new server build in to testing server and then he will inform test engineers that new build is ready download new build and continue your testing.

Test engineer will download new client software uninstall old client software from mobile then install new client software into mobile and then first test the feature where defect was found and thus continue testing.

Client-Server application runs on 2 Tier Architecture.
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